2D and 3D Cephalometric Software

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Completely customizable

Define landmarks, graphics, measurements, analyses, normal reference values and superimpositions to fully customize Viewbox according to your needs. Configure Viewbox to measure and analyze any 2D image or 3D object, not just cephalometric radiographs.

Import images and 3D scans

Import images of all common file formats (jpg, png, tiff, bmp). Import scanned 3D objects (obj, stl, ply and others) with texture.

Load DICOM data

Load DICOM data from CBCT and CT tomography.

Volume rendering

Set colours and transparency for volume rendering.

Image enhancement

Contrast, brightness, gamma, adaptive levels, adaptive histogram equilization, contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization, colourization.

Geometric Morphometrics

Sliding semi-landmarks on curves and 3D surfaces, Procrustes superimposition, Principal Component Analysis, permutation statistics, Thin Plate Spline grids, shape morphing.

Mesh editing

Mesh alignment, distance colour maps, hollowing for 3D printing, smoothing, decimation, booleans, cutting, hole filling.


Measure tooth movement

Measure individual tooth movement from initial to final position on 3D digital casts.

Digitize 3D mandible

Digitize a mandible using the Mandible3D template. This template contains curves, curve semi-landmarks and surface semilandmarks that cover the whole mandibular surface.

Compute distance colour map

Compute the distance colour map between two aligned meshes.
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CE certification - expired

Software that is used for medical purposes needs to comply to the requirements of the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Viewbox was certified on the now deprecated 93/42/EEC directive on medical devices but not on the latest MDR. Therefore, Viewbox is currently not certified as a medical device, i.e. it has neither FDA approval nor a CE marking and must not be used for diagnostic purposes.
Expired certificates:
CE Certificate
Declaration of Conformity

Viewbox in Research

Viewbox is used extensively in research. There are now more than 190 published scientific papers that have used Viewbox for their morphometric analysis.
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System Requirements

Viewbox requires Microsoft Windows® operating system, version 7 and up. Both 32 and 64-bit architectures are supported. A dedicated graphics card with at least 1Gb of memory is recommended. Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 required. Download and run the demo version to ensure compatibility with your hardware. Mac systems: Viewbox may run under Mac OS with Windows emulation but we cannot provide user support for such configurations and some functions may not perform as expected.

Revision History

Viewbox is continually under development and updates are released often. Please ensure that you are using the latest version. Revision History
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