Viewbox 4
Download version, updated 13 March 2013 (latest stable version).
- Complete (file size: 19.5 Mb). << This is the file you probably want.
- As above, but without the Help file (file size: 5.5 Mb).
- The updated EXE file only, if you already have the previous version of Viewbox installed (zipped, file size: 2.2 Mb). Download, unzip and place in the Viewbox 4 folder, replacing the older files.
- The Help file only (file size: 14.1 Mb). Right-click and select 'Save Link As...'
- User's Manual (same as the Help file) in PDF format (file size: 16.1 Mb).[PDF]
- Spanish and Catalan translations (zipped, file size: 195 Kb). Download, unzip and place all files in the Viewbox 4 folder.

CBCT samples
- Dataset from NewTom 9000 showing impacted maxillary canines (Analyze 7.5 format, file size: 16.4 Mb zipped).
- Dataset from NewTom 9000 showing impacted mandibular canine (Analyze 7.5 format, file size: 11.1 Mb zipped).

Mesh samples
- Scanned maxillary dental cast (OBJ format, file size: 7.1 Mb zipped).

Extra Templates
- Template for digitising a mandible in 3D (file size: 250 Kb). Zipped file includes template and mandibular mesh in OBJ format. Download, unzip and place both files in the Templates folder.

Viewbox 4 BETA
Download version BETA, updated 1 November 2014.
- Complete (file size: 32.4 Mb).
This is a BETA experimental version and should NOT be used for patient evaluation or diagnosis. This version may still contain significant bugs. It is provided for testing purposes only. Use at your own risk.
Comments and bug reports will be appreciated.

Viewbox 3
Version 3 will remain available but will not be further updated. Please consider upgrading to version 4.
Complete program (with time-delay nag screen, unless you have a user's license):
- Complete (file size: 10.8 Mb).
- Without the Help file (file size: 3.85 Mb).
These files contain version, a recommended update for all users (see update history).

User's manual (PDF file):
- User's Manual (file size: 3.95 Mb).[PDF]
- User's Manual - Spanish (file size: 6.15 Mb).[PDF]

Language pack (contains Greek and Spanish):
- Language Pack (file size: 0.6 Mb).
Viewbox 3 must be installed before adding Language Pack. Make sure the Language pack and Viewbox have the same version number!

Tutorials for Viewbox 3 (Macromedia Flash Player files):
- The basics (file size: 1.6 Mb).
- Digitizing (file size: 5.34 Mb).
- VTO (visualized treatment objectives) (file size: 1.52 Mb).
- Morphing (file size: 12.4 Mb).
Tutorials (pdf files):
- Structural Superimposition (file size: 1.97 Mb).
If you have problems downloading, please ask for a free disk.