Author Topic: How to upgrade to version 4  (Read 4639 times)


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How to upgrade to version 4
« on: October 07, 2011, 04:05:59 AM »
If you are using Viewbox 3 you may consider upgrading to version 4 because v.3 will not be updated anymore. Version 4 can be installed in parallel to v.3, so you can work with both until you become familiar enough with v.4 to switch completely. The following procedure is recommended:
1. Backup your current data! (you have been warned)
2. Install Viewbox 4, accepting the default settings (i.e. install on your hard disk, preferably in folder "C:\Viewbox 4"). Viewbox 4 needs to be installed in a folder that has write permissions by the operating system. Windows Vista and Win 7 do not allow writes in the folder "C:\Program Files\", so do not install there.
3. Copy all of your data files from Viewbox 3 to Viewbox 4. Assuming both versions were installed with the default settings, these are the files that reside in folders "C:\Viewbox 3\Data\" and "C:\Viewbox 3\VBR\". By copying the files you will be able to work with your current data in both versions, without the fear of accidentally destroying them because of unfamiliarity with the new version.